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"Dave has been working on my horses for over a year. Since I met Dave I have recommended him to all of my students in the area. Dave's work has been consistently accurate and meticulous. The finished result of a shoeing shows Dave's craftsmanship and eye for detail. And, best of all, he is always open to hear what is going on with my horses' training and he is willing to modify the shoeing accordingly."

- Kelly Adams (Event Rider)

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"David Deppen is a professional farrier who listens to what owners and/or riders say. He is genuinely interested in how your horse is moving and performing. David is a great farrier that continually updates his knowledge regarding his career. He frequently travels to clinics and competitions where he meets and competes against other great farriers. We appreciate how David has cared for each of our horses. David listens and you get a customized fit for you and your horse. Thanks, David, for your excellence and mind for details."

- Tammy Warrington


"I've never met a farrier with better horsemanship skills than Dave. He knows how to deal with horses. One of my horses is a smart, yet somewhat high-strong quarterhorse, who hated getting worked on. When I first introduced Dave to Easter, Dave took his time to let her getting to know him, instead of immediately starting to work on the horse. Easter now is no longer afraid of getting shod. Thank you, Dave, for your patience."

- Holly Butler

"Hi Dave - Just wanted to send you a quick note and tell you that I rode Ruby today over at Warwick Park where it's pretty rocky in places, and anyway, Ruby did great with her new shoes. I had just ridden her at this same place last weekend (pre-shoes) and she HATED it. The friend I ride with noticed the difference as well in Ruby today - she said it's like night and day. Riding her is soooo much better now - THANK YOU!!!"

- Jill and Ruby


Century Ride - Toni and Special

Dave.... Thanks for keeping Special in such great working order!  He was amazing - has no clue that he is 24! Thanks again,


- Toni Frary

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