Common Hoof Ailments

This page provides reliable information about common hoof ailments for horseowners. I will continue to update this page in the future.

If your horse shows symptoms of any of these conditions, I'd like to help you develop an appropriate and workable strategy to treat these problems effectively.

To start this process, I encourage you to read the descriptions that apply to your horse's condition to gain a better understanding of the issues involved. I'll be happy to work with you to bring your horse back on a "healthy footing" but be aware that much patience and cooperation is needed before the hooves are cured and your horse is again sound.

White Line Disease
  "Treating White Line Disease" by Dave Farley. White Line Disease affects all breeds of horses and can be a nightmare to deal with. It knows no boundaries. It can be seen in barefoot as well as shod horses and it occurs in the best barns as well as the worst.

Take a look at pictures of these hooves and read about Dave Farley's recommendations on how to treat this disease:

White Line Disease Info Sheet by Danvers Child @ Foxtail Forge -This web site covers Symptoms, Preventions, and Treatment
See also: and

  "Soak Up This Idea for Treating Infected Hooves" by Nicholas B. Denson pdf logo

"Study Pinpoints Fungi As Cause, Confirms White Line Disease Treatment"
by Michael Wildenstein
pdf logo

  How to Prevent Laminitis
by Doug Butler, PhD, CJF, FWCF
Laminitis and Founder are some of the most severe foot lamenesses that afflict horses. If laminitis is not recognized and treated as an emergency, most laminitis cases will turn into founder. (see, Farrier Focus Electronic Magazine)
  Danvers Child @ Foxtail Forge
  Danvers Child @ Foxtail Forge
  Stephen E. O’Grady and John B. Madison @ Equine Podiatry

The incidence of equine canker appears to be more prevalent than once thought. The treatments outlined in the literature for this disease are sparse, varied and generally ineffective. The authors outline a treatment protocol for canker, that when coupled with owner compliance, will resolve the disease.

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