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Books for Horse Owners

Sound Hoof The Sound Hoof - Horse Health from the Ground Up
by Lisa Simons Lancaster

Provides a holistic approach to horse care,
starting with the hoof
Shoeing Right Shoeing Right:
Advice to Horse Owners from a Working Farrier

by David Krolick

Explaining a farrier's perspective to horse owners
Maximum Hoof Power

Maximum Hoof Power
by Cherry Hill

Guide to help horse owners develop proper hoof-care practices and to gain an understanding of shoeing techniques for the performance horse.
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Chosen Road The Chosen Road
by KC La Pierre

Excellent for horse owners desiring to learn about the transition to let your horse go barefoot
Equine Foot Understanding the Equine Foot
by Fran Jurga

Quick reference guide to all horse foot problems for farriers and veterinarians, as well as the more knowledgeable owner and trainer who likes to be well-informed!

Books for Farriers

Principles of Shoeing Principles of Horseshoeing III
by Doug Butler
Shoeing in your Right Mind Shoeing in your Right Mind
by Doug Butler
no picture Farrier Science: Study Guide and Workbook
by Doug Butler
Gregory Chris Better Basics - Better Horseshoeing
by Chris Gergory
Lame Horse The Lame Horse
by Jame R. Rooney
Adam Adam's Lameness in Horses
by Ted Stashac
no picture Color Atlas of Horse's Foot
by Christopher C. Pollitt
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