My Favorite Farrier Web Sites

The following web sites provide reliable resources for anyone interested in learning more about specific farrier-related topics.
AAEP logo
The American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) is the world's largest professional association of equine veterinarians. >>> more
AFA logo
The American Farrier's Association's (AFA) mission is to "further the professional development of farriers, to provide leadership and resources for the benefit of the farrier industry, and to improve the welfare of the horse through continuing farrier education." >>> more
American Farriers' Journal
The American Farriers' Journal
Equiworld Logo
Anatomy: Horses Muscles
An Introduction to the muscles of the horse and their uses-
Breeds: Horse and Pony Breeds
equine podiatry logo Equine podiatry & Equine Podiatry Consulting Service
Stephen E. O'Grady, DVM, MRCVS logo
Farrier and Hoof Care Resource Center  ----
Farrier Academics

Farrier Certification Study Guides

  • AFA and BWFA practice tests
  • Hundreds of sample questions
  • Proven learning system
  • Discover your strengths and weaknesses
  • Brush up on your test-taking skills
  • Maximize your test scores
  • Learn "ins and outs" of the practical

Farrier Directory

World Wide Farrier Directory
Forge & Farrier
Forge & Farrier
"Online Farrier Magazine" from the U.K., launched in August 2007, to provide an up to date information resource for farriers and farriery apprentices.
Forge Magazine
Forge Magazine (UK)
is the official magazine published for NAFBAE - The National Association of Farriers, Blacksmiths and Agricultural Engineers
Fairhill Forge
Fairhill Forge Farriery
Farrier Products
Foxtail Forge

Danvers Child @ Foxtail Forge

doug butler
Doug Butler Enterprises, Inc.
hoofcare-lameness logo promotes education about the study of horses' feet and legs. Includes links to Hoofcare & Lameness, a quarterly journal presenting new information to help veterinarians and farriers treat and prevent common lamenesses.
Hoof Watch provides information, education and training in a central location through an online resource.

mustard logo
Mustad Hoofcare has produced horseshoe nails since 1898. In addition to nails, studs and therapeutical horseshoes, they are also a provider of farrier tools and horseshoes. > link
EPCS  logo
Hoof Care Products: Thrush Cure  (great pictures)
Horse Science
Horse Science (Equine Hoof / Leg Models)
The Lame Horse by James Rooney, DVM
Chris Pollitt

Laminitis Research. Chris Pollitt, PhD, Australian Equine Laminitis Research Unit (AELRU) renowned for his work on ‘laminitis' the most important disease of the horse's foot.

Nanric logo
Laminitis Information by R.F. (Ric) Redden, DVM - How to Measure and Interpret Soft Tissue Parameter ( - great images!
Natural Angle
The Natural Angle - Hoof Care offers solid advice on tool use and maintenance, tips on forging techniques and methods as well as information about handy tools and farrier equipment.
Tools and Tips:
Northeast Association of Equine Practitioners (NEAEP)
The NEAEP is a grass-roots advocacy group to enhance the promotion of important legislative issues within each state’s    government, working in tandem with each state’s VMA. NEAEP is composed primarily of members from 13 states making up the northeastern United States:  Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, and Virginia.
PPFA logo
The Pennsylvania Professional Farriers' Association (PPFA) was established in 1997. Its mission aims to organize farriers and other interested parties in the state of Pennsylvania to facilitate learning, ongoing education and promote the farrier industry. The association has over 80 members.
>>> learn how to join PPFA
>>> read our newsletters
Professional Farrier Magazine, official publication of the AFA
no nails logo

Soundhorse Technologies - Equine Hoof Care Products
Stronger and Safer Than Nails - The ONLY glue-on horseshoe with a built-in SHOCK ABSORBER. The Sigafoos Series adhesive-bonded horseshoe system is a different type of nail-free, horseshoe. Suggestions for Farriers

Tom Stovall's Farrier Site
Pro Farrier

Today's ProFarrier Magazine

WCB logo
World Championship Blacksmiths, LLC (WCB) was launched in 2006 to provide a venue for blacksmiths who are "striving for excellence" through competition. >>> more
Worshipful Company of Farriers

The Worshipful Company of Farriers (UK) was established in 1356 as a Fellowship to oversee farriery within the cities of London and Westminster. Six and a half centuries later, the Company still has the responsibility for securing adequate standards of competence and conduct among persons engaged in the shoeing of horses. >>> more logo

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